ReactJS vs VueJS: two popular front-end frameworks each with their own pros and cons. Check out this comparison to choose which will suit your needs.

In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to develop apps using Vue JS, Ionic Framework, and Capacitor with Appwrite Cloud.

{ author: @aaronksaunders }

Let's go over how to configure your file and create a file to store your API logic and create a local server to avoid CORS issues.

{ author: @FerDevFront }

To keep secrets like API keys safe from unauthorized access, store them in a separate file named .env and add that file to .gitignore to avoid publishing it on GitHub.

{ author: @terieyenike }

If you are converting a large or complex component, consider refactoring it into smaller, reusable components using Vue Class Components.

Here's why!

{ author: @PhilipJBasile }

In this post, we will explore how to build a product gallery with Storefront UI, a fast and beautiful component library for E-commerce, and TailwindCSS in a Nuxt application.

{ author: @MayaShavin }

While it's fun to add as many libraries to your project as possible (not really), sometimes it makes sense to use browser native solutions.

I decided to check how fast is a Git deployment with Hostinger and was astonished with the speed and convenience.

{ author: @DiveWithOleg }

After migration app my code got a little messy - so I decided to switch the code based over to TypeScript.

{ author: @kev_da_dev }

Everright-formEditor is a visual editor based on Vue3, which depends on element-plus and vant for development. An adapter is provided internally for parameter transcoding.

We are going to discuss how to create a modern single-page application using Django as the backend, Vue as the frontend, and GraphQL as the API manipulation language that connects them.

{ author: @ericnanhu }

In this article, we are going to dig deeper into this JavaScript framework, and discuss event handling, data options, and components.

{ author: @ericnanhu }

We've finally hit our first big problem, and it's a show-stopper. Let's solver it by migrating to Electron.

{ author: @kev_da_dev }

We'll explore two approaches: passing functions from parent to child components in React, and emitting events from child to parent components in Vue.

{ author: @caoza199 }

Writing test cases for your code can be a tedious task, especially when you have to test multiple scenarios with various inputs and outputs. But, here are ways to make your test cases better.

Creating PDF documents from HTML tables in Vue.js can be a powerful way to allow users to share data in a portable and professional format.

Here's how it works!

{ author: @majidzeno }

Today, we'll learn how to replace mocks for both a home page and a product page with actual data from Shopify.

{ author: @jacobandrewsky }

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