A tiny sneak preview on the last few meters to @vuejsamsterdam @JSworldconf. 🍿 🧡 Can you guess what this slide will be about?

Let's see what next year brings! 🍿 If you're searching for a speaker, don't hesitate to reach out. Either way, have a wonderful time, everyone! ✨ A wonderful Christmas, vacation, time with your family, whatever you're up to. See you in 2023! ❤️

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Let me also share some stats for 2022:
📣 Total: 15 confs with speaker slots (unconfs included)
👩‍💻 4 online
👩‍🏫 11 in-person
✈️ Travel: 23 days in total


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Not only tech- or speaking-related: Especially meeting so many amazing people along the way. ❤️ I hope to meet every one of you again soon! 🙏 Hard to pick out a few highlights. Maybe it's the birthday song I got from a band and the whole audience (on my birthday). Maybe as a speaker on the magnificent stage @vuejsamsterdam. Giving my first full-day workshop at @ngdeconf. And so many more. I can't make up my mind. 😍

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As this year is almost over, I felt like doing a flashback. 💭 It was exciting and so much fun to go back to in-person events for my first real in-person experience as a speaker! 😍 Looking back, I learned so much along the way: I became more confident in giving talks in English, engaging with real and wonderful audiences, improving my sketchnote slides, and more adept at praying to the live demo gods, to name a few. 🤓

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