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Just finished a coding challenge and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

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RephraseAI is currently being hunted on @ProductHunt

Support with upvotes, guys

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RephraseAI: Rephrase your Twitter bio in seconds via @ProductHunt

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Introducing RephraseAI!

Give your Twitter bio a cartoon character twist with AI-powered text rephrasing – 100% free and open source.

Built with . Powered by @vercel and Based on

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POS guys dey hot o

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Activated @tailscan without purchasing the license...

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ChatGPT is free.

But it's a matter of how well you use it.

That's why I made this free document for you:

• 25+ ChatGPT prompts
• 60+ AI and dev tools
• 35+ Low/No code

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99% of people aren't maximizing ChatGPT.

I organized ALL of the best resources to make money using ChatGPT into one page.

Take advantage of this life-changing opportunity with AI.

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"Just write CSS 🙄"

Mate that's what I did — what language do you think this is? 😂

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If you hate Tailwind, just don’t use it. Simple...

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After 10+ years of trying to find an approach to CSS architecture that was productive and easy to maintain, this is what my *hand-written* CSS eventually looked like once I found something that finally worked.

Did it still count as CSS then? 🤡

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