After many canceled flights, today was a truly glorious day to go fly 🛩️

Let's do this - record a video of yourself introducing yourself in your NATIVE language.

This is me introducing myself shortly in Luxembourgish 🇱🇺, a language that is difficult to get your hands on.

In February 2020, I attended Vue.js Amsterdam for the first time ☝️

I had such a great time and the speakers were all so incredible. I also wanted to be up on that big stage "one day".

3 years later, in February 2023 it will happen - I will speak at Vue.js Amsterdam 🤯

🎤 My talk will be avout the Vue 3 Virtual DOM
💃🏽 For the first time ever my wife will join me at a tech conference

After being stuck the bigger part of this year with unstable 5-10 Mbit/s Internet, I am glad to report that I finally took steps towards a (temporary) solution 🤩
This is only possible because I am drawing a 25 meter cable from my living room, up the stairs to my office.

The initial idea is to lay this cable outside the walls of the house.
But the more I think about it, the more I think I will only place nice cable ducts the entire way and keep the cable there.

I really love cold weather. ❄️ I hoped it would hold on until at least the end of the year. But it looks like it’s already over 😔

I introduced ChatGPT to my wife, and we came across a fantastic use case for corporate work.

Early xmas present from my wife: A mug heater.
I don’t like it, I LOVE it!

For the first time since we live in our house, we have it covered in snow 😍❄️

Someone’s going to upgrade their house with a bunch of smoke detectors 😄

Is your home protected?

Reached inbox zero for 100 weeks in a row 🎉💯

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