@maoberlehner plnned are 45m. However, we can stretch those if we skip the QnA and shorten the break

@maoberlehner things is if I ditch too much of the demo, the audience loses out on cool shit.

@maoberlehner my rehearsal was 45 minutes. Might have to ditch some things in the live demo

After many canceled flights, today was a truly glorious day to go fly 🛩️

@murtuzaalisurti congratulations 🍾 🤩🥳 Tell us more, we’re curious 👀

Let's do this - record a video of yourself introducing yourself in your NATIVE language.

This is me introducing myself shortly in Luxembourgish 🇱🇺, a language that is difficult to get your hands on.

@MarkRuffalo hey Mark! Welcome to Mastodon. Btw cool name you got there 😅

Hey everyone. Just wanted to eliminate the confusion and let you know that this is actually me. 😂 Hope you are having an awesome Thursday!

In February 2020, I attended Vue.js Amsterdam for the first time ☝️

I had such a great time and the speakers were all so incredible. I also wanted to be up on that big stage "one day".

3 years later, in February 2023 it will happen - I will speak at Vue.js Amsterdam 🤯

🎤 My talk will be avout the Vue 3 Virtual DOM
💃🏽 For the first time ever my wife will join me at a tech conference

I got the idea to structure my NYE resolutions as OKRs from @jessicasachs
So I decided to code up this public OKR tracker for my website
My 2023 OKRs:
👨‍✈️ Get my pilot's license
🏋️‍♂️ Lose weight
💻 Ship my flying tools platform
🎤 Speak at conferences


take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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