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✅ Update on We now use AWS S3 for media assets. This prevents the server from running low on disk space

For the first time since we live in our house, we have it covered in snow 😍❄️

🎂Today is my birthday. Which means... The best gift is a retweet! That works with indie games too, right?

📈I'm making a game STONKS-9800.
💹A simulator of a businessman on the Japanese stock market in the 80s and 90s.

✅Add to wishlist:

🙏Thank you!

Someone’s going to upgrade their house with a bunch of smoke detectors 😄

Is your home protected?

Super Star Trek, which I have converted from the original 1970s (80 column printer terminal) source code. Now for the #Commodorer64 with some sympathetic enhancements such as NAVigation and TORpedo helpers. It's not perfect, but getting there. Still deliberately terminal based!

Reached inbox zero for 100 weeks in a row 🎉💯

Something that I truly love about software development is that you can build *anything* you want and nobody can stop you.

Your creativity is truly the limit of what can be achieved, and that is fascinating 😎

it's hard to explain to people that software is a fundamentally communal activity because they're like "ohh you're a dev! you must be so smart!" and like. it literally does not matter how smart i am. none of this works at all unless we can collaborate across time and space.

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I wanted to know what the fuzz is about Mastodon 🦣, so I created my own instance to explore it.

Here I documented my learnings and first impression.
✅ What is it?
✅ Advantages and disadvantages
✅ How to get started

I feel like a Mastodon client optimized for developers would be super fun. Here's an early concept!

One thing that’s a bit of a hassle with Mastodon is that you can’t immediately follow people on other instances.

You have to copy the username and search for it on the server that has your account.

To make this easier, I’ve created a little bookmarklet. Press it, and you’ll be taken to the same account as viewed from the masto host you are on.

GitHub Gist:

(Change the value of `MY_MASTO_HOST` in the code to your mastodon host –not URL– and you’re good to go)

they put a christmas sweater on the t-rex at the national history museum in london and it's ridiculous and adorable

I started once again to completely recode my website / blog 🙈

For the time being: No colors, no rounded corners, no dark mode, no animations. All very minimalistic.

The current state you can see here 👉

Built with:
Nuxt 3, Nuxt Content, Tailwind, Fontawesome

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